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Materials Available

Listing Material Class Item Number Weight Material Description
Commodities Available PVC 40110 2 T/L's Reground M/C PVC Rigid, Extrusion Grade, from Purge
Commodities Available Polystyrene (PS) 40081 40,000 Reground Black HIPS Injection Grade; 3-5 MI; 2-3 Izod
Commodities Available PP 40077 41,000 Reground White & Natural Mixed, and M/C (Seg) PP 22 MI, 30K Wht/Nat, 11K M/C
Commodities Available PVC 40064 T/L Reground Clear / Blue Tint PVC Blister Pak
Commodities Available PVC 40104 25,000 Reground Clear/Blue Tint, Beige & White PVC Injection Grade, Rigid, 14K, 9K, 1K
Commodities Available PVC 40111 40,000 Reground Gray PVC Geon 85856, with moisture
Commodities Available PVC 40112 17,444 Reground M/C PVC Rigid, Foamed
Commodities Available PVC 40113 25-30,000 Unground M/C PVC Baled Walcovering; Film on Rolls, Pipe Scrap
Commodities Available PP 40103 T/L's Ongoing Shredded White PP 25% G/F
Commodities Available PP 40108 T/L Reground Gray PP 15-20% Talc-Filled
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40106 20,000 Reground M/C TGB PE .4-1.1 MI, .940 Density
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40116 T/L's Ongoing Reprocessed Gray HDPE Pellets 5 Mi, .955 Density
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40126 200,000 Reprocessed Medium Gray HDPE Pellets 5 MI; .955 Density
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40075 20,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal DuPont Delrin 100P
Engineering Resins Available Miscellaneous 40095 20,000 Reground Black PC/ASA Sabic Geloy XP4034
Engineering Resins Available TPE 40086 7,000 Virgin W/S Black TPE Pellets Santoprene 101-73A
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40088 20,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal DuPont Delrin 100P
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40087 20,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal DuPont Delrin 111P
Engineering Resins Available Polycarbonate (PC) 40084 40,000 Rg. Seg. (Clear, Balck & Lt. Gry) 12 MI / Izod PC 6-8 bx Clr for Clr, bal. is lt./med, dk gry & blk
Engineering Resins Available Polycarbonate (PC) 40076 40,000 Reground Black PC Sabic Lexan 3412R
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40145 4,000 Reground 33% G/F Nylon 6/6 DuPont Zytel 70G33 Type
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40146 13,000 Reground Black 33% G/F Nylon 6/61 DuPont Zytel 70G33HSL
Engineering Resins Available PC/ABS 40082 40,000 Reground Black PC/ABS 7-9 MI; 8 Izod; Non F/R
Engineering Resins Available TPE 40072 1,500 Reground Black TPE Santoprene 73A
Engineering Resins Available PC/ABS 40083 40,000 Reprocessed Black PC/ABS 7-9 MI; 8 Izod; Non F/R
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40074 40,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal DuPont Delrin 111PA
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40071 5,000 Reground Black & Natural Mixed TPU Estane 58887
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40070 12,500 Virgin Natural TPU Pellets Estane 50DS3, Ester Based, 50D, orig bags
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40069 11,400 Virgin Natural TPU Pellets Estane 50DT3, Ether Based, 50D, orig boxes
Engineering Resins Available Miscellaneous 40066 2,000 Virgin Black PBT Pellets DuPont Crastin CE2255, Unfilled