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Materials Available

Listing Material Class Item Number Weight Material Description
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40465 approx 25 T/L's Unground Clear & Clear w/ Print LDPE Film LDPE Laminate; 60% on hand PA, 40% EVA
Commodities Available PVC 40450 75,000 Reground Beige & White Rigid PVC Window Profile / Post Industrial
Commodities Available PP 40464 3,633 Prime Virgin Natural HOPP Pellets Ineos H05A-00, 4.7 MI, Anti-static, orig pkg, lots
Commodities Available Polystyrene (PS) 40499 60,000 Rg M/C (Grays, Browns & Whites) Inj. Grd. MIPS 1.2-1.4 Izod w/ small amt of foaming agent
Commodities Available PP 40512 T/L's Ongoing (32-38K) Unground Blue PP Scrap Parts, Some Metal in Parts
Commodities Available PVC 40479 T/L Ongoing Reprocessed Black PVC Pellets 72A & 82A Available
Commodities Available Polystyrene (PS) 40466 60,000 Reground M/C (grays, browns & whites) MIPS Inj Grd; 1.2 - 1.4 Izod w/ small amt foaming agent
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40500 approx. 25 T/L's Unground Clear & Clear w/ Print LDPE Film LDPE Laminate; 60% PA (NY 6-12%), 40% EVA
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40513 T/L's Ongoing 32-38K Unground Black HDPE Parts Some Nylon 6 Corners Clipped Onto Parts
Commodities Available EVA 40498 30,000-32,000 (T/L) Reground Natural EVA from Rolls Stock 18-25% VA
Engineering Resins Available Polyester (PBT/PET/PETG) 40473 500 Prime Virgin Natural 30% G/F PBT Pellets Sabic Valox 420-1001
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40469 40,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal w/ Black Specks Ticona Celon M90
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40468 40,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal DuPont Delrin 111P
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40482 25,000 Reground Black Nylon 11 Besno P40 TL, Unfilled
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40472 11,000 Reground Black 33% G/F Nylon 6/6 DuPont Zytel 70G33HS1L
Engineering Resins Available Polyester (PBT/PET/PETG) 40480 35,000 Virgin Dk Gray (almost black) PBT/PET Pellets Sabic Valox SC860, 30% G/F, F/R, orig pkg
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40470 25,000 Prime Virgin Blk 30% Carbon Fiber Nylon 6/6 Pellet LNP Thermotuf VC-1006
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40487 2,000 Virgin Natural Nylon 66 DuPont Zytel ST801A-NC010, in original bags
Engineering Resins Available Fluoropolymers 40459 16,000 Unground Nat & Gray (seg, 6K, 10K) PTFE Cone Scrap Unsintered; Isopar G Solvent Used
Engineering Resins Available TPO 40461 35,000 Prime Virgin Black TPO Pellets Lyondell/Basell Dexflex 756-67-1
Engineering Resins Available Miscellaneous 40460 1,100 Virgin Gray PC/PBT Pellets Sabic Xenoy X5600 WX-3055
Engineering Resins Available Polyester (PBT/PET/PETG) 40457 30,000 Unground Printed PET Low End Roll Stock
Engineering Resins Available Polycarbonate (PC) 40456 40,000 Reground Transparent Purple Tint PC Bayer Makrolon RX1805-1118
Engineering Resins Available PEI 40453 12,000 Reground Black PEI Sabic Ultem 1010M
Engineering Resins Available Polyester (PBT/PET/PETG) 40451 15,000 Unground or Reground Dark Gray/Black 33% G/F PBT Celanese Celanex 4300; Impact Modified
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40454 22,000 (T/L) Ongoing Primarily Black Nylon 6 Shavings 40% G/F, Post-Industrial
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40471 10,000 P/V Blk 30% Carbon Fiber/15% PTFW Nylon 6/6 Pellet LNP Lubricomp RCL-4536
Engineering Resins Available Polyacetal (POM) 40504 40,000 Reground Natural Polyacetal DuPont Delrin 111P
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40522 1,000 Regorund Natural Inj. Grd. 55D Shore TPU Engeneered Polymers Estane GP55DT; Ether Based
Engineering Resins Available Polyester (PBT/PET/PETG) 40516 22,000 Prime Virgin Black PET Pellets DuPont Rynite FR515, in orig.boxes w/lots & certs