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Materials Available

Listing Material Class Item Number Weight Material Description
Commodities Available PVC 40546 T/L's Ongoing Reground (or 20 Mesh) White PVC Rigid, Window Profile
Commodities Available PP 40541 5 T/L's Reground Natural PP SV152, 1.4MI, Extrusion Grade
Commodities Available Polyethylene (PE) 40539 60,000 Virgin Natural HMWPE Pellets Borealis BorPEX HE2590, very occassional blk specs
Commodities Available PVC 40543 20,000/mo. Reground M/C PVC Flexible, 65A
Commodities Available PVC 40544 40,000/mo. Reground Black PVC Flexible, 80A
Commodities Available Polystyrene (PS) 40540 25,000 Reprocessed White HIPS Pellets 15-20 MI
Commodities Available PVC 40545 T/L's Ongoing Reground Light Colored PVC Rigid, Window Profile & Siding, Post-industrial
Engineering Resins Available PPS 40557 10,000 Reground Natural PPS Phillips Ryton R7
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40551 10,000 Prime Virgin Waterclear Rigid TPU Pellets Dow Isoplast (unfilled experimenatl grade)
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40552 5,000 Prime Virgin Clear, Blue Tint Rigid TPU Pellets Dow Isoplast 302EZ
Engineering Resins Available TPU 40553 40,000 Prime Virgin Natural Rigid TPU Pellets Dow Isoplast 202EZ
Engineering Resins Available PEEK 40550 20,000 Reground Natural 30% G/F PEEK Victrex 450GL30
Engineering Resins Available Nylon 40542 11,000 Prime Virgin Black Nylon 66 Super Tough Pellets LNP Thermotuf VC-006 30% Carbon Fiber orig w/certs
Engineering Resins Available PEEK 40555 2,200 Reground Black 30% Carbon Fiber & Graphite PEEK Victrex 450FC30
Engineering Resins Available PEEK 40556 500 Reground Black 30% Carbon Fiber PEEK Victrex 450CA30
Engineering Resins Available Acrylic 40554 3,000 Unground Clear Cast Acrylic Plaques 21 3/4 x 15 1/4 x 3/8 & 14 3/8 x 12 x 1/16 thick